SWLstation: Standard Communications Receiver Control Program

CallSign Software, the new developer of Radio Reciever Control Software, is proud to present SWLstation, the latest technology in shortwave listening (SWL) radio control software. SWLstation is for beginners, experts and everyone who understands the thrill of shortwave listening.

SWLstation is a user-friendly PC software program created to optimize the enjoyment of the the Shortwave Listener while providing the look and feel of a traditional shortwave radio. CallSign has incorporated all the features and functions users have come to expect in a professionally developed product.

SWLstation is a PC software control program interface which has been developed to be compatible with the Ten-Tec RX-320 and RX-350 receivers. CallSign intentionally chose these high-quality DSP based radios as the first radio platform and the foundation for its realistic control panel displays. Ten-Tec is widely recognized in Amateur Radio for their exceptional quality, service, and fair pricing, and is well known among ShortWave listeners from all over the globe. In fact, Ten-Tec’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) System is consistently recognized as “Best in Class". Ten-Tec receivers may be purchased from Ten-Tec factory direct or through the Universal Radio.

The combination of the Ten-Tec DSP receivers and SWLstation allow users of all skill levels to enjoy listening to shortwave broadcasts from around the world.

Enhance your listening with the expanded 3" scope display where users can sweep across a band, listen and then store the desired signals in the Quick Memory system.

Use the enhanced database to lookup your favorite program or locate one stored in the Quick Memory system. With these memory support features you can quickly find and save the desired station for later recall.

Reduce the unwelcome signal noise and interference on the spectral scope with CallSign Software’s new PC based Digital Filter algorithm. Using the Smart Mouse tuning feature you can adjust the pass-band tuning window to narrow up the signal passband further. Search out additional stations using the interactive spectral scope with point and click operations. Click here for more info .

CallSign Software is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality short wave products available and this is just the first of many new technologies being developed in our laboratories. We welcome your feedback as we strive to serve the devoted shortwave listeners everywhere. click here for detailed specs




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